.....2021.....The  year in pictures.....

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***Welcome to new members*** - October 17, 2021


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Feed My Starving Children & Valley Scare - GREAT time of service, fellowship and fun, for our youth at FLC and youth from Our Redeemer Lutheran (Pine City) - October 9, 2021


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Church outing to the pumpkin patch (Lendt's) in Wyoming MN - good time - October 3, 2021

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Great night for FiA.  Tonight we packed school kits for Lutheran World Relief and made thank you cards for teachers.  Blessed with great volunteers - September 29, 2021

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Wonderful get-together .. delicious "tea party" at Historical Scott House in Carlton, MN, hosted by Marina V., with Jeanette S., Carol, Lois K., Elsie D., Mary Ann L., Colleen V., Betty R., Ellie N., Carol G., Pastor B., Mindy J. -

(Kathryn S. taking pictures). - September 29, 2121

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Wonderful, Faith in Action kick-off.... September 22, 2121

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God's Work Our Hands Sunday..Youth Mission Trip Presentation..Made A Meal for A Place For You Homeless Shelter..Packed 60 Newborn Kits for Global Health..Picked weeds..Packed 50 Hospice Kits for Global Health..Enjoyed a meal together and wonderful fellowship - September 12, 2021



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Youth Garage Sale  (Thank you to all who donated & helped out) - August 19, 20, 2021



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 min3 min4


Personal Care Kits delivered to Global Health Ministries and Newborn Kits to

Lutheran World Relief - August 4, 2021

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"Welcome to the table" .. Eight youth, made their First Communion this Sunday! - August 1, 2021

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"Welcome to the table."  Pastor working with some of the youth, for First Communion class.  Josie, Ashley and Nikki ,were great helpers!  Lessons learned, fun times, good fellowship and even got to make home--made Communion bread with Pastor Brenda. - July 26 & 27, 2021


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(Nate and Angie Rameriz & Luna)                                     (Don and Shirley Terhell) 

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(Susan Skalicky)                                            (Tom and Donna Wachsmuth)

***Welcome to new members - July 25, 2021



Mission Trip to Kentucky July 17 - 23, 2021

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Today was sadly the last day of our trip to Kentucky. It was so much fun to get our second project of painting a family ramp, we even got another job of cleaning a woman’s backyard (which Brady did surprisingly well onSmile) Singing with my church buds and crying with them at the foot washing, two very different experiences that ultimately bonded us together. I’m so thankful for our church leaders for bringing us here and leading us along the way in our faith journey. It’s a blessing to have these people in our lives and I hope that we will have the chance to do it again next year, love love love.  Bella Ziegler


Today was our last full day in Louisville. It was a wild and emotional one as we woke up early again, finished our last service day, went to downtown Louisville and ended the day with an amazing foot washing. My highlight of the day was devotions and the good food. Today’s devotional topic was about turning love into a lifestyle. This topic spoke to me as it was focusing on how we need to continue to love our neighbors unconditionally when we get back home. In and outside of the church. In John 13:1-17, the last verse tells us that Jesus says “ now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” The devotion book asks us - why is knowing a good thing? and why is knowing not enough? This question spoke to me on a deeper level and I developed an answer; knowing is a good thing to start your actions but it is not enough. You must act in your knowledge as knowledge is power. I think that’s the main message Youth Works is trying to teach us on Thursday. To take action with all the knowledge about showing compassion and how to break down those barriers so we may reach all our neighbors. Lastly I’d like to talk about the emotional foot washing we experienced. As our whole group had worked hard through the week with messed up sleep schedules and different experiences we all reacted differently to the night activity. Many of us were overwhelmed and cried as our youth leader prayed over us. It was refreshing to share all our worries and concerns with the group but also with God. I personally enjoy foot washing because I can let go of all my personal problems and let God take over. After releasing so much stress and worry I can now go home and focus more on what I learned so that I can continue to grow with God. Overall the trip has tested us all in different ways but left us stronger and with more knowledge about loving our neighbors just like Jesus did.  Corrina Tvedt


Hi my name is Kenna Johnson. We woke up this morning at 7 like usual to go get breakfast and prepare our lunches. After that we had devotions. We use this time to help us to understand more about the story we are learning, the Good Samaritan, really means. Then we went outside to pray with all the church’s and went to our site. Today was our church’s last day of service work. We went to a women’s house to finish painting a wheelchair ramp because she is have surgery on both her knees and will need a a way to get to her front door. It was fun but tiring work. We finished this earlier than expected so we called to see what else they would like us to do. We ended up at a house that needed help cleaning their back yard. Just like the lady from this morning she was very nice and friendly. As we were driving around to bring back the supplies borrowed to us for our service projects Mindy saw that there was a lot of garbage on the street near the building, so we all got out and filled and entire garbage bag with trash from the street. Soon after we went to the church to eat a big cook out that the staff made for the end of the week, and believe me it was really good. With our stomachs full we went to downtown Louisville to site see. Ending our day with a foot washing that left everyone in our group cry for a long time. We all went to bed to get ready to leave early tomorrow morning. My favorite part of today was the foot washing. Though I get emotional very fast it is something that I feel brings everyone closer together. I also enjoyed getting to share this with people who have never been on a mission trip before and being able to remember my first mission trip. Thank you for reading.

Sincerely,  Kenna Johnson


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We have wrapped up our mission trip and are heading home. This was my first mission trip and I had a lot of fun! We worked hard getting dirty and sweaty in the heat outside serving our neighbor. We cleaned up yards, trash in the community and painting decks, but as a group (or as Trever would call us a unit) we tackled each task with much laughter! I enjoyed the evening church activities that we did each night. I think we became stronger to our faith and learned more ways to help our neighbors/community at home. The feet washing brought us closer to God and as group. Thank you to the church and to the leaders for making this trip happen! Evelyn Klein


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mt5 15

So we started off this glorious 5th day with breakfast and a devotion. The devotion talked about how we can love without limits. Then we hit the road and went to wrap up our time at Sharon’s house and we panted some of her decks and cut down some trees. Then we went to Angela’s house and started painting her wheel chair ramp. We all had a super fun time laughing and joking and we will wrap up our service time at her finishing the ramp at her house tomorrow. After Angela’s we went to this Forest and saw some wood- built Trolls in the forest. We then had PIZZA NIGHT for dinner! And wrapped up our day with worship and singing and talking in our little church group. Thank you for supporting the youth in the Church, Matt Masterson


On the 5th day of our trip, we woke up to some amazing music again! Then we got ready for our service. We were able to help out Sharon again today for the last time. She was very sad to see us leave but also glad to see that her double blessing had happened. Then we went to go help Angela by painting her wheel chair ramp. We got the first coat done today and we will go back again and do the second coat. It was a great day

Cody Klein


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Day 4, today we started the day by doing a devotion about turning compassion into action. Then we went back to Sharon’s house to finish up yard work and paint her two decks where we worked and sang a lot of Disney music! We then from there went to Churchill Downs which is the Home of the Kentucky Derby, we went on a tour on the establishment and then visited and walked around the museum. After that we went back to the church to have dinner, worship, and family time to wrap up the day! This has been a great trip so far

Thank you for always supporting the youth in our church, Brady Johnson

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Day 3- started out with devotions on what it means to be a neighbor - service site was with new direction to help with yard work for elderly - Sharon said she had prayed for help and her Pastor told her two blessing were coming and with tears she said the two days we are helping her paint and take care of her yard were the two blessings. Our youth and adults have lovingly been the hands and feet of Christ today! We served dinner today for all the groups and spent time at the waterfront four bridges park. We ended the night with worship and with church time naming how each of us saw God’s light shining in each other

(it may have gotten emotional to hear others say so many kind things about each other)


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mt2 9

Mission trip day 2 - started out day with worshipping in the van online with the congregation- thank you for adding us to the prayers of the church. We visited the creation museum and the Ark encounter. Both were great experiences and we are thankful we had the opportunity. We arrived at our Youth Works site in Louisville. There are 3 other church groups here with us. We had worship and had our orientation for the week. Tomorrow we head out to our service sites. 

Lainey and Paige


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Day 1 Youth Mission trip - Pastor sent us off with a blessing and prayers and we packed up care kits that we handed out in Chicago to those experiencing homelessness. Spent the afternoon exploring Chicago to break up the drive and have arrived to our hotel in Indianapolis for the night. Thank you for the prayers - we will keep you updated. 




mt blessing mt blessing2

mt blessing3  mt blessing4

mt blessing5

Mission Trip blessing at Worship and youth preparing shirts for MT - youth also had a pie sale and served quite a few people....thank you to all! - July 11, 2021



Corn and Clover Carnival stand for First Lutheran Church - we served MANY people - all proceeds wnet to the youth for Mission Trip - thank you to all who helped/worked! - July 9 & 10, 2021 



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vbs7 vbs8

Great week so far at Vacation Bible School (5-7:30 PM) - June 21 - 24, 2021 


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LYO Camp at Camp Hiawatha..so great to be back together, building community and growing together in our faith - June 13, 14, 15, 2021

mem1 mem2

Memorial Program, at First Lutheran Memorial Cemetery (thank you, to all who have served) - May 31, 2021


grad1 grad2 

Graduation Sunday:  Congradulations, to all of our graduates!  They received their quilts from some of the women in our church, that made them for the graduates - May 30, 2021


 Confirmation for Cody, Griffin, Evelyn and Ben.  Proud of these youth for "living out

their faith". - May 16, 2021



Garage Sale held by Youth to raise money for their upcoming Mission Trip to Kentucky, as well as other activities as needed.  Thank you, to all who donated items and time - May 14 & 15, 2021


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fm5 and sky1

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Youth service project - Feed My Starving Children (we are so excited to be "back to pack!"  Then a fun time at SkyZone in Blaine - May 7, 2021


MN Honor Society kids and FLC Youth made cookies, brownies and cards for our local police, fire, ambulance and EMS's  to thank them for their service- April 28, 2021




Thank you for all the donations for the Women on a Mission Kits.  Medical supplies and Newborn Kits

were dropped off to Global Health and Newborn Kits as well as 50 School Kits, were dropped off to

Lutheran World Relief - April 21, 2021



gl1 gl2


With Women On A Mssion and some Youth help, the Faith in Action kids packed 35 newborn

kits for Global Health Missions - April 21, 2021



twins1 twins2

twins3 twins5


After church service, some of our members went to the Twins game to enjoy

a little baseball.. April 11, 2021

mtl1 mtl2

"Jesus Bags" - Youth Group, working on their servcie project for this group of students going on Mission Trip to Louisville, later this summer - April 7, 2021

passion play

Click here for Passion Play

Passion Play, done by the Youth (please be patient when the picture goes dark, as it will soon be a new picture - April 2, 2021



Click here, for children celebrating Palm Sunday before our church service ... Palm Sunday

(Please be patient, the picture will right itself shortly after it begins)

Giving thanks and praise to God!  Hosanna in the highest!!  As we enter Holy Week, may God's peace be with you.     Pastor Brenda         Palm Sunday - March 28th, 2021



lwr1 lwr2  lwr3

Elaine, Robin and Marlys delivered quilts from First Lutheran Church's quilters, to World Relief and

 Newborn Kits & Medical Supplies for Global Health - March 16, 2021


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gc3 gc4

gc5 gc6


Great night at Grand Cinema, made pillow cases and backpacks for foster care kids and packed

newborn kits, for over-seas global missions.  Ended night with pizza, popcorn and a movie.  Grades 6th through 12th - February 28, 2021


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wm7 wm8

Family Church Outing, at Wild Mountain (Skiing & Tubing) Such fun..Great day!! - February 21, 2021





ash2 ash3

Ash Wednesday and Youth from  Faith in Action & Youth Group sliding - February 17, 2020


sled1 sled2

sled3 sled5


sled4 sled6


FLC youth sledding, skating and fellowship, on a beautiful night! - January 20, 2021

val hearts

Great idea showing love and positive words, for your child - January 10, 2021


Wandering Wisemen - January 6, 2021 (Epiphany)


Day 39: “And, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, til it came and stood over where the young child was. When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.  And when they were to come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and francincense and myrrh.
Matthew 2:9-11























































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