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First Lutheran Church has its roots among Swedish Immigrants who came to the Hinckley area in the late 19th century.  The congregation was chartered as the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hinckley in 1883.  Three years later the congregation moved into its first building which measured 18 by 30 feet.


Eight years later, The Great Hinckley Fire destroyed the first church building along with most of the community on September 1.  Undaunted, the congregation moved into a newly erected building by Christmas of that same year.


On August 7, 1896, a tornado (cyclone) destroyed the church again and again the congregation rebuilt.


In 1929 a new structure was erected, incorporating the sacristy and bell tower of the former church.  The newly constructed church faced east, rather than north, and included a basement.


The name First Evangelical Lutheran Church was adopted in 1932.  In 1957 a new educational wing was added to the building and 10 years later a narthex, including a library and classroom was added.


A new parsonage was built in 1981 at 408 3rd street.


The expanding congregation realized the need for more space and on Pentecost Sunday of 1989, ground was broken just across the street from the church as the site for the new building.  The cornerstone was laid on September 24th.


The first service in the new church was conducted on January 14, 1990 with dedication on May 20th.


The parsonage was sold in 2014.


The congregation now numbers over 450 baptized members.


Timeline Information

Everything looked so hopeful for the congregation until August 7, 1896, when a cyclone completely destroyed the church.  Even though it was a very sad experience for the striving congregation, they immediately voted to rebuild again, and by January 1897, the congregation was attending worship service in the new church.

1896           Church built after cyclone.

1900           Historic monument erected at Lutheran Memorial Cemetery.

                   Luther League formed.

1902           Men's Society formed.

1909           Electric lights were installed.

1913           First parsonage built.

1922           Changed from the Swedish language, to English speaking service.

1929           A new church was built, with basement and modern conveniences.  Cost

                   to build, was $3,624.22.

1932           Changed name of church, to First Lutheran Church.

1935           Choir was organized.

1951           Purchased a new parsonage.

1954           Enlarged the church and added an educational wing.

1963-67      Stained glass windows, were installed.

1968           Narthex and library, were additions to church built in 1929.

1970           Pipe organ installed.

1981           A new parsonage was built.

1989           Groundbreaking for our new church was held on Pentecost, May 14th.                                         The cornerstone was laid, on September 24th. 

1990           The first service in the new church was conducted on January 14th.                                             Dedication of the new church building, was on May 20th.

2014           Parsonage, was sold.

Present       We are still going strong, with our parishoners and our community!


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