.....2019.....The  year in pictures.....

wom bible study

Women's Tuesday morning bible study - (just some of the many that attend) - November 5, 2019

tort1 tort2

tort3 tort4


tort5 tort6

Trunk-or-Treat  (a wonderful, safe way for youth to receive goodies, carve pumpkins, plat games and enjoy a great meal) Trunks are decorated by adults and goodies provided at each vehicle.

October 30, 2019





new members

WELCOME New Members to our church family at First Lutheran - October 27, 2019

fmscvf1 fmscvf2 

fmscvf3 fmscvf4

fmscvf5 fmscvf6

Feed My Starving Children and ValleyScare (Youth service project and fellowship fun time..worked great at packing food and then enjoyed fun at ValleyFair) - October 12, 2019

fiahistory2 fiahistory3

fiahistory4 fiahistory5


Faith in Action (study, games outside, learning, Gracie teaching the youth about the history of our church, such a great night!) - October 9, 2019

larrycem1 larrycem2 larrycem3

Lutheran Memorial Cemetery (Our Sexton, Larry showing our confirmation youth grave dowsing and giving an informational talk, on the cemetery - October 9, 2019

swerdint1 sweedin2 sweedin3

sweedin4 sweedin5 sweedin6

sweedin7 sweedin9

First Lutheran outing to Swedish Institute (Robin, Mindy, Donna, Carol, Lois & myself (Kathy) ... wonderful day, great information & sights, great fellowship, good food and fun!! - October 8, 2019



  womret1 womret2  womret3

womret4  womret6

womret5 womret7


 womret9 womret8

womret10 womret11

Women's Retreat at Camp Patmos (great fellowship, bible lessons, studies, craffts, food ... led by Wendy... great job!  October 4,5,6, 2019

josh ins

Pastor Josh 's Installation, into the Glenville area Lutheran Parishes (Mindy J. and her family

attended to celebrate with Josh and bring congrats and good wishes, from First Lutheran congregation) - September 29, 2019

ketriv1 ketriv2

Kettle River WELCA Fall Gathering (here at FLC - thankful to the bold women of faith, and their investment in starting conversations, on Mental Health and Well-Being) - September 26, 2019





Kettle River conference fall confirmation kick-off (great night with food, fellowship, games and worship with AGAPE) - September 25, 2019

fia flyer  fiakick2 

fiakick3 fiakick4

fiakick5 fiakick6 

fiakick7 fiakick8    

 Faith in Action kick-off (for the

19-2020 year) - Spetember 18, 2019

lyoboard1 lyoboard2


LYO Board planning for Middle School Gathering (for 11/22-11/23 or

11/23-11/24, at Cragen's) - September 15, 2019


God's Work, Our Hands (lunch after worship, service projects and a movie for all - JOIN US!!) - September 8, 2019


(First Lutheran women that served luncheon)

hfhsteac1 hfhsteac2 


Hinckley/Finlayson Teacher's, were served a salad and treats

luncheon (at First Lutheran) - August 27, 2019



youthgarsale2 youthgarsale3 youthgarsale4 youthgarsale5


youthgarsale6 youthgarsale7 youthgarsale8  

Youth held BIG sale at church (Lots donated by many families .. thank you so much) .. Money donated from sale, goes into Youth account for Mission Trips and Activities - August 15 & 16, 2019


elca2 elca3

 elca4 elca6

                                           (ELCA Churchwide Assemble attendees marched)


                           (Our Bishop Tom Aitken)

The Evangelica Church in America (ELCA), held it's churchwide council in Milwaukee WI.  American Indian Alaska Natives and 750 more Lutherans, including voting members of the ELCA Churcwide Assembly, gathered for a prayer vigil in support of migrant children and families.  They walked from the WI Center to the nearby U.S. Citizenship and Immigration. - August 5 - 10, 2019

Please click on 2019 Churchwide Assembly & March for some information    

twinsluth1 twinsluth2



Church Trip to Twins Game - "Lutheran Night" (Fun time had by all) - August 5, 2019


cityonhill1 cityonhill3

City On The Hill Christian Music Festival in Duluth (great music, wonderful fellowship) -

August 2 & 3, 2019

j1 j2

j3 j4 j5

j6 j7 j8


Ordained at our church, was Josh Blair!  So many clergy , family and friends, came to celebrate the day with Josh.  He received his  stole from Diane (the wife of our former Pastor, Carl Lunder), a beautiful quilt (made by Ann Mans), such a celebration, with a meal that followed. 

Congradulations Pastor Josh! - July 26, 2019


July 19 - 26 - CHICAGO Mission Trip...


Last evening together - July 25/26, 2019

Click On Date To Open Youth Notes ... July 25 (last one)

july254 july255

july256 july257 


Last day/evening of Mission Trip (filled with our service projects, bonding with each other & other youth, laughs, tears, meal with community) - July 25, 2019

Click On Date To Open Youth Notes ... July 25



mt7252 mt7233

mt7241 mt7226 mt7231

mt7212 mt7215

This day was spent cleaning building, to MAC to pack boxes of food, a community cook-out, handing out flyers, painting fence and worship (with a faith story) - July 24, 2019

Click On Date To Open Youth Notes ... July 24

mt7211 mt255

mt7235 mt7236 mt257

mt7232 mt7221 mt7223

Navy Pier & African Heritage Garden ( After working service hours, some down time) - July 23, 2019

Click On Date To Open Youth Notes ... July 23

mt7244 mt7217


mt7242 mt7243  

Devotions & Lessons with Woman at the Well, Service Works Begin (at MAC packaging food & Help to set up garage sale), toured church, in the evening, a guest speaker (talked about the city, unfair school system, racial profiling, etc.) - July 22, 2019

Click On Date To Open Youth Notes ... July 22

mt7202 mt7206 mt7246 mt7224   

mt7201 mt258

mt7213 mt7214

Lincoln Park Zoo, Beach Time, Housing Site (Fun time at Zoo & Beach, the back to Youth Worksite, to greet & meet people and then Devotions & Prayers) - July 21, 2019

  mt7207 mt7203 mt7204 

Six Flags Over Great America/Hurricane Harbor (great day filled with fun & fellowship) - July 20, 2019

mt7194 mt7192 mt7193 mt7191


Prayers, from Pastor for send off, arrival to Chicago, ELCA Church-Wide Office - July 19, 2019

Click On Date, To Open youth notes ...  July 19, 20, 21


otlb1 otlb2 


Out to Lunch Bunch - at First Lutheran -  Celebrating together - good meal - great fellowship - THANK YOU, to all who brought/shared food! - July 17, 2019


joynoise2 joynoise3

Joyful Noise Concert, in Blaine (great music & fellowship) - June 14th & 15th, 2019



lastvbs2 lastvbs3

Last Vacation Bible School Day (Program, Meal and Fun) - June 12, 2019

saints logo

 saints2 saints3

Family, Fellowship Outing (St. Paul SAINT'S Game) - fun time - June 7, 2019


Graduates!  During service, our graduates received their quilts made by church members (beautiful job, thank you, congradulations to all graduates) - June 2, 2019

josh2 josh1

Josh Blair, graduated from Lutheran Seminary - Congradulations and blessings from your First

Lutheran church family (Mindy and her family, were present for his graduation) - May 26, 2019


bible pres1

LYO Installation and 3rd grade, Bible presentation.   Congradulations LYO youth! - May 19, 2019


woam1 woam3



Women On A Mission, packing newborn kits (wonderful service project & made many

kits to send) - May 13, 2019

 lastfia18191 lastfia18192

Last Faith in Action program for the 2018-29 school year, (thank you to all the volunteers who made the year go by smoothly) May 8, 2019

1264 1262

Confirmation (Proud of our only confirmad Paige, on her accomplishment in her "walk of faith") CONGRADULATIONS! - May 1, 2019

20190501 175119 20190501 175134   

20190501 175149 20190501 175211

20190501 175833 20190501 175842

Last evening of Confirmation - took the confirmads bowling, in celebration of a GREAT year and they had so much fun  - May 1, 2019

luthsem1 luthsem2

Mindy, took some of the youth, for a Luther Seminary Preview Day! Exciting, as well as

interesting day - April 30, 2019


twinsg2 twinsg3

Twins Game (Church Family Outing, with First Lutheran & Our Redeemer Churches) - April 28, 2019

easter sunday

Easter Sunday - HE IS RISEN!  Allelulia - April 21, 2019


Pam Sunday celebrated with the Sunday School children, during service - April 14, 2019

famineserv1 famineserv2

famineserv3 famineserv4


Youth helping with service on Sunday (after sharing their Famine Week-end, doing great service projects) - April 7, 2019

famine6 famine7


DAY 2 of Famine Week-end....







DAY 1 of Famine Week-end....

FAMINE SERVICE WEEK-END (Day 1 - Youth & adult leaders at Feed My Starving Children.  Also the youth passed out "Jesus Loves Me" bags and sandwiches to those in need) - Day 2 - Youth with adults helping sew diapars, filled hospice kits and helped to set up the Father/Daughter dance) - awesome service weekend! - April 5 & 6, 2019


Great group from First Lutheran, at WELCA gathering.  (Look at those smiles!)   Message was "Who Is My Neighbor?"  Wonderful fellowship - April 4, 2019


choffret3 choffret4

Church Office Staff Retreat (Camp Onamia)...great fellowship, fun craft, delicious food, wonderful staff & accomodations, excellent programs, fantastic speakers, great way to share & bounce things off of other church office people...thank you to our congregation here at First Lutheran for sending us...and many thanks to Camp Onamia for hosting us....Donna, Rick and I (Kathy) thoroughly enjoyed it!!! - April 1 & 2, 2019

 packcross1  packcross2

Packing the cross with food bags for Food Shelves, for March food drive & enjoying the youth choir singing, during 7:00 PM Wednesday service - March 24, 2019


otlb1 otlb2otlb3

Out to Lunch Bunch (Willow River) Enjoying good fellowship and good food! - March 21, 2019

comofe3 comofe4 comofe5

 comofe6 comofe7 comofe8


Fellowship at Como Zoo Conservatory.  Next one in May!  Beautiful flowers...good meal...great fellowship!  (Robin, Mindy, Shalia, Dorothy, Elaine, Kirsten, Donna, Sheila,

Ashley & I (Kathy) -  March 18, 2019



nutboldt2 nutboldt3

SYNOD Nuts and Bolts Workshop in Cloquet ... great information ... good to hear/see from other churches.  Always a great experience. (Rick, Donna & I (Kathy) - March 16, 2019

blsghelpbag1 blsghelpbag2


Blessing the hospice bags, before they are shipped to Africa.  Kids did a great job packing them

during FiA. - March 13, 2019


Faces changed for kids with the glasses ... Jesus' face changed too ... Experiencing the Holy Spirit, on Transfiguration Sunday with the kids! - March 3, 2019

cardia1 cardia2

cardia3 cardia4

Cardia Deo, Senior High Gathering (Great learning experience as these youth, are learning to become leaders!) - March 1-2, 2019

blanket exer

BLANKET EXERCISE (a teaching tool, to raise awareness of a history of the nation-to-nation

relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.  To help deepen the

understanding of the denial of Indigenous peoples' nationhood & human rights since the first

contact originating in 1942) held in our Fellowship Hall, February 27, 2019

wildmtn1 wildmtn2

wildmtn3 wildmtn4

wildmtn5 wildmtn6

Youth & Family fun at WILD MOUNTAIN in Taylor's Falls (skiiing, tubing, snow boarding, fire with hot dogs, FUN FUN FUN) - February 23, 2019

va1 val2

val3 val4

Valentine's dinner (a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day and support our youth, in their Mission Trip funding. Great food, good entertainment and fun for all!- February 10, 2019

fia sliding1 fia sliding2

fia sliding3 fia sliding4

Faith in Action youth went sliding/skating, for a fun activity!  Thankful for the great weather and awesome volunteers. - February 6, 2019

dis and extr2 dis and extr1

dis and extr3 dis and extr4


Mindy spent a couple of days at Disney, enjoying fellowship with some other youth leaders

and had a great Youth Ministry

Extravaganza 2019, in Florida!  Had some fun and learned so much. - January 22 - 28, 2019.

sanc real

SANCTUS REAL (There is something about people singing about Jesus, at the Mall of America! - January 20, 2019


In Brainard for Bishop's Convocation on Mental Health (great guest speaker - very


Pastor B., Betty, Kathryn, Judy, Gracie, Rick & I (Kathy) attended - January 19, 2019

  lock in1


lock in2 



Youth Lock-In at Grand Cinema - The youth enjoyed doing service projects, for Martin Luther King week-end (movies, pizza, games, etc. at Cinema) - January 17 & 18, 2019


  youth gather before fia1 youth gather before fia2 youth gather before fia3  

Youth gather before FiA on Wednesday - Early Out Day for school (projects, fun and games) -

January 16, 2019










































































































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