Respectful Conversation Meeting


5/19/24 "Respectfull Meeting" (click here)......   Meeting Video


We have been presented with a calling to action as a result of the hurt and unrest in our community in response to the recent decision concerning the performance of the Ojibwe Traveling Song at the high school graduation. There are several of our church members as well as the community at large that are processing a variety of emotions in response to this conflict.  

Through thoughtful prayer and consideration in conversation with our synodical bishop and other members of the community I propose that we at First Lutheran host an evening of intentional and constructive conversation through this conflict for the whole community. We are going to gather to process together, without judgement or “choosing sides”

This conversation would be constructed and directed with some help, in managing conflict. I also believe that we have many leaders in our congregation who are able to hold differing views in tension with a patient and caring hand.

Bishop Amy has offered the resources of the NE MN Synod and the Together Here Ministry team to help in facilitating the conversation. The purpose and nature of this action would be not to assign blame or fault, but to open the door for directed and reconciling conversations.

Ideally, we would hold this community conversation on Sunday May 19th at 6:00 in the fellowship hall being intentional in inviting the whole community to conversation.

Pastor Erik

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