Meet the Staff


Our Church thrives because of the energy and style of all of it's people.  Some are part time, some are full time, but they ALL dedicate their time and energy to making this church great!  Here are a few of the people that make our church community special:




 Pastor Brenda Wicklund - Pastor


Thank you for checking in on First Lutheran Church in Hinckley, MN.  It is always interesting to put down in a few words who I am and what to share about myself.  So firstly, I will share that I am overjoyed to serve First Lutheran Church, as we worship God and thank Him for all of His blessings, one of which is this calling.

I am married to Kent Wicklund and we live north east of Hinckley, MN.  We have four daughters and eight beautiful grandchildren.  My husband is semi-retired and I took the call at First Lutheran in July of 2013.  This is my second call, as I served Grace Lutheran Church in Mora, MN as an Associate Pastor.  I began to seve as a second career Pastor, yet I have served in  ministry all of my life.  I am overjoyed to serve God, in the ordained ministry.

I believe that God loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to teach, preach, heal, forgive and give us life and love through His death and resurrection.  Jesus Christ says in John 3:16-17, that He loved the entire world so much that He sent His son so that we might have life through our belief in Him.  Not to judge the world, but to walk with and grant a great and abundant life for us on earth and into new life.  This is for all.  Jesus Christ also said when asked about Gospel in a nutshell, "Love God with all your heart and soul and love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:31-32).  This gift of new life is for everyone.  Praise God.

At this time, the church and worship has changed.  As the changes in the COVID 19 issues for the safety and wellbeing of all people, we are worshiping on Sunday's with safety guidelines implimented, on-line, in print, on FaceBook and YouTube.  We are going forward in wisdom and guidance from God, to be the church.

My prayers are with you and please contact me, via email or the church office with any issues or questions.  We continue to be the church in all the world, for our loving God an Savior.

Peace, Pastor Brenda Wicklund






 Youth Director Mindy Johnson - Youth Director


I have been the Youth Director at First Lutheran since 2005.  My responsibilities include helping to oversee the education, youth and family programs here at First Lutheran, as well as other things as needed.  I direct Faith in Action, Vacation Bible School, as well as our Youth Group held here on Wednesday evenings.  I plan and implement many youth activities, including service projects, youth Bible studies, family fellowship activities and mission trips.  I try to stay involved with the youth, as well as I can.  I help support the youth in their school settings.  My husband and I have three sons, which are in college and two daughters in high school. We are so very proud of all of our children and enjoy our family vacations, as well as any time we can share together.




Church Secretary Donna Martin - Church Secretary


I am the Church Secretary at First Lutheran and I joined the staff in  April of 2012.  I am responsible, for the day-to-day office routine and maintaining the congregational records for the church.  I order all the supplies needed by all of our office staff.  The bulletins that are sent out weekly and the newsletters that are sent out monthly, are primarily my responsibility to put out as necessary.  I usually work Tuesday through Thursday, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  I am married and we have one daughter, whose male partner has an 11 year old "son" that we have proudly taken on as our Grandson.   We also have two "church" granddaughters, that call  me and my husband Grandma and Grandpa.  One of my favorite things to do, is to go on  camping trips with our friends.  





Financial Secretary - Kathy 2  Kathy Thompson - Financial Secretary


I am the Financial Secretary at First Lutheran.  I joined the staff in  April of 2012.  My primary function, is to keep records of each member of our congretation.  This consists of reconciling offerings to the bank deposits.  I also keep in close communication with the Church Treasurer.  I prepare individual member contribution statements, with timely information on contributions to the general fund and other special offerings.  I work with the Parish Secretary when needed and I fill in for her, when she is absent.  I am the coordinator, for the church website.  My husband and I have a son and daughter and are the proud grandparents, of three beautiful granddaughters and two precious, identical twin grandsons. We have 120 acres, that we share with the horses, a few cows, our two beautiful Great Danes and a Shih Tzu/ Bichon little honey - that are all our big babies.  





Treasurer Rick Bicking - Treasurer

I became Treasurer here at the church in September of 2017.  I pay all of the monthly bills, as well as do payroll for the staff.  Financial and bank records need to be maintained and stored and this is part of my responsibility.  I coordinate with the Financial Secretary, in order to maintain our records.  Each month, I reconcile the bank statement and report to Church Council, as to where the church finanaces are. I also file all the required federal and state tax forms.  At the end of the year, I prepare and present financial reports for audit.  I am blessed to have 7 children as well as 3 grandchildren.  They are a big part of my life.  As well as holding the treasure's position here at First Lutheran, I also work full time for the Hinckley Grand Casino and have been there for many years.




kathryn Kathryn Souer - Custodian

 I became custodian of First Lutheran in August of 2019.  I joined the church in 2009 and have helped out in many different areas.  I have been on Altar Guild, for many years.  I have had numerous positions in the past and with retiring, I was looking for a few hours a week position.  This position works out well for me!  My duties include being responsible for the general upkeep/cleaning of the church.  I wash floors, vacumm all rooms in the church, clean bathrooms, stock the bathroom supplies, take care of recycling as well as a few other items needed.  I belong to a few Bible Studies and really enjoy them.      



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