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Following worship on September 17, the following persons were elected to serve on the Call Committee for First Lutheran Church: Larry Edin; Ron Jensen; Owen Johnson; Cheryl Malm; Ellie Nelson; Betty Reiter; Shana Stiel (Chair); Alyssa Vickstrom; Dennis Volden. The goal of this committee, of course, is to seek out, interview and recommend to the congregation a candidate to be your next “settled” pastor. This is a very exciting step you are taking, and easily the most important step during this interim process. As First Lutheran’s interim pastor, I will be involved in assisting the Call Committee during the process, but I will have no role when it comes to working with candidates. Concerning process, there are a few things I would like to share with all of you.

None of the members of the committee will be acting as an individual during the search and interview process. What that means is that the group as a whole will be guided by the Ministry Site Profile (MSP), a document that was created with significant input from the congregation that came from numerous one-on-one conversations and two congregational forums. So, this will be a “we” initiative, not an “I” initiative.

Months ago, I shared with the Council something that I will also share with the Call Committee; it will be easy and tempting to allow the call process to turn into a “beaty contest.” What I mean by that is that instead of using the MSP to guide the recommendation of a candidate, it often happens that a call committee will react to an interview by saying things like, “Wasn’t she NICE?” “Didn’t you LIKE him?” And then, six months or a year after the winner of the beauty contest is installed, it becomes clear that he or she is not actually a good fit for what was needed.

Concerning “fit,” it will be necessary for all of you to understand what the Call Committee is looking for in your next pastor. Toward that end, over the next few months, your church leadership and I will be talking about those things to you and putting posts on FLC’s Facebook Group and newsletter. It will be very important for you to listen and read in order to understand and support the work of your Call Committee. If you are not all on the same page, it could be rough sledding for your new pastor. I know this congregation. I know what you are and can be for each other, and I know what God is calling you to be and do, both among yourselves and in the wider community, so I believe this is something you can do.

So, what else can you do? Most importantly, please include your call committee and pastoral candidates in your prayers. Also, please refrain from asking for details. It’s certainly possible that one or more of candidates to be brought forward by the synod will be serving in another congregation, and that means no specific information will be disclosed until a candidate is recommended for official consideration by the congregation.

In closing, it is impossible to say what time frame we are looking at. The goal has been to have a settled pastor in place early in 2024. I still think that is possible, but I can’t promise you things will go that quickly. I can promise, however, that the Holy Spirit is active in this process. There are good and faithful pastoral candidates out there. First Lutheran Church is a good and vibrant congregation. I have faith that God will lead you to a good “fit.”


Interim Pastor Steve Sylvester


church office hours


Church Wesite:

Pastor Steve Sylvester, Interim:  Monday - Wednesday & Sunday

Mindy Johnson - Days to be determined

Donna Martin - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Kathy Thompson - Wednesday and Thursday

Rick Bicking - Mondays or Tuesdays, PLEASE call his cell phone



Church Council will meet OCTOBER 15th, after service.



**Acolytes schedule for OCTOBER...

(Remember if you cannot serve, PLEASE find your own substitute).  Thank You!

Sunday, October 1 - Claire Linden & ?

Sunday, October 8 - Connor Olander & Sophia Warman

Sunday, October 15 - Claire Linden &?

Sunday, October 22 - Connor Olander & Thomas Waschmuth

Sunday, October 29 - Jaxon Thom & Jaeden Blessner




Lectors for OCTOBER....

Sunday, October 1 - Paul Olson

Sunday, October 8 - Christie Dunkley

Sunday, October 15 - Donna Wachsmuth

Sunday, October 22 - Carole Lahti

Sunday, October 29 - Diane Ausmus



Ushers for OCTOBER:

Ealaine Garaghty

Lynnea Mayer


kitchen workers

 First Lutheran Kitchen Committee 

OCTOBER:  Donna Waschmuth 

Please check the kitchen work list below each week, during the month you serve. Clean whatever day that is convenient for you


alter guild


Kathryn Souer


noisy offering

We are collecting a Noisy Offering, for month of OCTOBER

If you are interested in giving for this,

proceeds are going to the BLESSING BOX 


  • bible study2

*Men's Text Study (every) Thursday

7:00 AM Coffee Fellowship

7:30 AM Text Study

(led by Men)


*Women's Bible Study (every) Tuesday 

9:30 - 10:30 AM

(led by Women)



*Women's (OTHER) Bible Study (every 2nd) Monday of Month, in the library 

4:00 - 5:00 PM

(led by Women)


Bible Study (for ALL) (every) Monday

11:00 - Noon

We look over the three readings for the Sundays, two weeks hence.

(led by Pastor Steve)


congregation meal


every fourth sunday of the month, you are invited to join us for a congregational meal served immediately following worship.   EVERYONE is welcome and asked to bring a dish to share.

A sign up sheet will be on the table in the Narthex.

Menu for ;

October 22nd (All About Brunch)

November 26th

If you are able to help clean-up, it would be appreciated!


women of ELCA

Women's Bible Study's ongoing mission project.

We ask members to join us and bring COMBS during the month of OCTOBER for 

homeless packets.  Please put them in the basket marked "Homeless Packets," in the

cabinet in the Narthex.

Thank You




Boards will meet the 2nd Monday, of EACH month at 5:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall. 

Sunday, October 9th, after Service!


out 2 lunch bunch2   

Out to Lunch Bunch

Thursday, OCTOBER 19th

Mom's Parkside, Pine City

Meet at church at 11:00 to carpool!



community dinner 

Please Join us for the

Community Meal

5-6:00 pm the 1st Tuesday of Month-

October 3rd 9Amy J., Karen J., Robin H.)

November 7th

December 5th

*We need 2-3 people, who would organize the Community meal for December.

The sign-up sheet is on the table in the Narthex.


parish nurse ministry

The Parish Nurse, will be doing blood pressures for anyone who would like one:

Sunday, October 15th, during Coffee Fellowship.



We express our Christian sympathy to the families of Ron Bonn (husband of Jill Bonn, father of Daniel) and Wally Guptill. May they know the consolation of your love; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and give them peace. 


deadline for newletter article

NOVEMBER Newsletter Deadline, Monday, October 23rd.


thanks you

Thank you, Pat Anderson, for doing the table decorations in the Fellowship Hall for many years.

Robin Hendrix and the Dream Team will be taking over table decorations and the pots outside the front doors.



      CLICK HERE:     QR Code for Online $$ Giving

First Lutheran Church, Hinckley MN QR Code For Online Giving

A QR Code is what links you to our church’s Mobile Giving, so you can donate through your phone. Just scan this code on your phone’s camera, and it will show you a link – click on that link and it will bring you to our Mobile Giving application where you can easily donate. The QR code will be in the back of Red Worship Book.

Any questions, contact Kathy T (Financial Secretary). Thank you!


First Communion

First Communion Class Offered

Holy Communion instruction is offered at First Lutheran Church for children fourth grade and older who are not yet receiving Holy Communion and wish to be welcomed to the Lord’s Table.

In the First Communion classes, children and their parents will learn about the second of the two sacraments in our Lutheran church, the first being the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. Please sign up to attend class on Monday, November 13th at 6 pm by turning in this form (located on the table in Narthex) or by calling the church office. Sign up deadline is November 6 th .

Children who participate in the class will be taking their First Communion on Wednesday, November 15th during the 5 pm Dinner Church Worship gathering.

I am looking forward to this special time with you and your children as we explore the meaning behind Jesus’ gift to us in this meal of forgiveness and love.


Interim Pastor Steve


audio visual

We are looking for individuals (people who are able to do this and can be depended upon to show up) to create an Audio/Visual Team. Will simplify the process and you will be given training. If you are interested, please let the office know.



Join us on Mondays from 11 AM to Noon for the Pastor's Bible Study. We look over the three readings for the Sundays two weeks hence. Everyone is welcome to participate. There is no homework required, no tests will be taken, just immersion in God's Word.


womens bible study

Women’s Monthly Bible Study Join us on the 2 nd Monday of the month at 4 pm in the library for our monthly Women’s Bible Study, starting Monday, October 9th .



Wed., October 25th                   Dinner 5 pm 5:30-6:30

Trunk or Treat         First Lutheran Church West parking lot.

What is trunk or treat? Best answer is when everyone brings their car to the church parking lot and decorates it for Trick or Treat and the children dress in costume and go from car trunk to car trunk for treats. This is a safe alternative to trick or treating door to door. Let Mindy or church office know if you would like to participate.


agape  joe davisCHECK THIS OUT >>>>

Join us for a night of hip-hop and praise with Agape and Joe Davis! Wednesday, October 25th            6:30 PM

Together we will worship, sing, praise the Lord, hear powerful words, lift our hands, and experience worship in a different way. All are welcome!

Joe Davis and David Scherer are artist and educators who have over 30 years of shared experience between them in helping individuals and organizations create a more just and equitable world. They are both national performing artists, Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), and co-creators of JUSTmove: Antiracism Education through the Arts.



As you enter the church, you will notice a 2-3 person pew on your right and right around the corner to your right again, you will notice a 1 person pew.  My wife Diane & I had these in our house in Rochester and Duluth for many years.  

In 2018 & 2019, our family lost 4 members;  our father John Shober, my wife Dianne Shober, sister Jennifer Shober Nelson and our mother Ethel Shober.  I felt it was tome to downsize and move to our farm, which was homesteaded in the 1880's, by the family.

I felt the church had done so much for our family for many, many years, from our parents being married here (when the church was across the street), to almost the whole family, being baptized here at First Lutheran.  I felt, this was where the pews would be used and appreciated.  Pastor Brenda welcomed the idea, and this is where they will remain.

Paul Shober

thumbnail 20230920_111330  thumbnail 20230920_111312

The memorail plaque located in our Narthex, was given in honor of Shannon Jensen, who was baptized and confirmed in this church.  Shannon, had a personality and sense of humor that everyone who knew him, enjoyed.  After graduation, Shannon served in the Navy for 4 years.  When he returned home, he suffered from apastic anemia and died in December of 1994 at the age of 25.  Sincerely yours, Ron & Lana Jensen

Many thanks…………….


prayers for all 2  

He has us, in His hands .... Prayers for all !   



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