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church Council members

Church Council 2024

Chairman: Rick Dunkley

Vice Chair: Kevin Stephenson

Secretary: Nancy Stephenson

Treasurer: Rick Bicking

Financial Secretary: Kathy Thompson

Members: Rick Dunkley, Kevin Stephenson, Robin Hendrix, Nancy Stephenson, Carole Lahti, Kathryn Souer, Donna Wachsmuth, Tom Wachsmuth, Paul Shober.



church board members

2024 Board Members

YOUTH, FAMILY AND EDUCATION: Staci Klein, Amy Johnson, Kenna Johnson, Tim Johnson, Cori Olsen, Delayna Groen.

EVANGELISM/STEWARDSHIP: Donna Wachsmuth, Deb Volk, Mary Jabe, Carole Lathi, Lois Kunze Sue Skalicky, Dana Kerfield, Lynnea Mayer, Ashley Thompson, Kathryn Souer.

PROPERTY: Tom Wachsmuth, Paul Shober, Christopher Steinnke, Jamie Johnson, Owen Johnson (youth member), Scott Jensen, Dwaine Palmer.

WORSHIP AND MUSIC: Pat Anderson, Diane Ausmus, Joanne Richards, Deanna Gorsegner, Elaine Jensen.

AUDITING COMMITTEE: Dennis Volden, Deb Vork, Lois Kunze.

ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE: Dennis Volden, Kon Bergum, Gary Hoxmeier.

MEMEORIAL COMMITTEE: Sharol Huggett, Ellie Nelson, Colleen Volden.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Donna Martin, Carole Lahti, Deb Volk, Dwaine Palmer.





 church council minutes

Council Minutes December 17th, 2023

Those present: Rick Bicking, Rick Dunkley, Nancy Stephenson, Kevin Stephenson, Robin Hendrix, Tom Wachsmuth, Donna Wachsmuth, Dwaine Palmer, Paul Shober, Amy Tvedt, Pastor Steve, Mindy Johnson.

Call to Order: 10:30 AM. We were led in devotion by Rick. D.

Secretary Minutes: motion to accept the minutes made by Tom, second by Dwaine, motion carried.

Financial Secretary’s Report: motion to accept made by Tom, second by Paul, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Rick B. stated that the general fund is negative $38,185.39. We will work on balancing our accounts at the annual budget meeting on Jan. 3, 2024.

Board Reports: Motion to accept made by Robin, second by Nancy, motion carried.


Building Fund: the building fund is negative $7096.63. We will balance this account with money from the Edwin fund. Motion made by Robin, second by Amy, motion carried.

Counting Procedure Update: one counter will come in on Wednesday or Thursday to count with Kathy.

Handicap Door Update: St. Germaine requires ½ (of $4225) down as a deposit before they will order the door, and ordering takes 6 weeks. Rick B. will write them a check, and Tom will coordinate Live Wire electrical with St. Germaine when the door is scheduled to arrive. The quote Kevin received from Live Wire is $1400.

Garbage Disposal: It looks like this is an electrical issue, so we will have Live Wire fix this when they come out to do the electrical for the handicap door.

Tim Davis’ Property: the tree and the fencing: Scott took a look at the tree and advised the neighbor that they may want to move their trailer before the tree is removed. There is no further news for now.

Telephones Update: Six phones are needed, all with Hold and Transfer features. Kevin will look into different models.

Update on Lawn Service: Tom will cancel our current service, and Rick D. will contact our insurance provider about any liability issues involved in hiring a teen or adult.

Snow Plowing Service Update: Jordan Volden will now snowplow for us.

Christmas Tree Thank You: we will send a thank you card to Frye’s Tree Farm for donating our tree. We will all sign the card at the next meeting.

Council Membership Concerns: some members of the congregation are concerned about having multiple members of the same family on Council. We will announce to the congregation that anyone that is interested in holding a Council position can have their name included in the vote at January’s Annual Meeting.

Pastoral Update: the call committee interviewed a candidate that seems quite interested in the position. Rick D. called Susan at the Synod about helping us with Pulpit Supply now that Interim Pastor Steve will be leaving to become the Interim Pastor at Mora.

Confirmation: Pastor Steve will pass on his notes and Rick D. will take over and follow the same program that the Pastor has started.


Constitution Adjustments: In our Constitution we will now move the Annual meeting to the Bylaws section, and quorum for the annual meeting will be changed to 30, however, the Council President can still retain the power to declare quorum. Motion made by Tom, second by Kevin, motion carried. The requirement of a youth representative on Council will be omitted. The cemetery Committee will be moved to Bylaws. At the Annual meeting, amendments may now be proposed by at least 10 voting members. After the Synod approves of these changes, we will make the Constitution and Bylaws available for the congregation to see.

Staff Job Descriptions: to be consistent, the supervisor for all staff will now be the Pastor. There was mention of having Donna create the slide deck for services. Kevin feels that the service needs to become a coordinated effort between the service notes, the music, and where people will be standing at each point in the service, etc. For Mindy’s job description, we need to specify youth age range and write out what she really does. Rick D. and Mindy will meet to clarify her job description. For our custodian, we need to add the extra pay for funerals, etc., to the job description. Pastor also suggested that the hours allowed and compensation be added to all of the job descriptions. Motion to accept the changes made by Tom, second by Paul, motion carried.

Details on Coverage during continuing interim period: we have not received anything from the Synod. Pastor Steve will contact the Synod and also send us a pdf list of Pulpit Supply Pastors. We will check with Pastor John in Pine City about covering any hospitalizat

Garage door opener: we discussed possible options for getting a garage door opener installed. Kevin will obtain an estimate from Live Wire to run electricity to the garage.

Budget Meeting: we will have a meeting to create our 2024 budget on January 3, 2024, at 6:30 pm.

Parish Nurse Report: Robin said she has still been busy setting up rides for a member’s son to go to the cities for cancer treatments. She has also given rides to the food shelf and has been working on the next Community Dinner.

Director of Youth and Family Ministries Report: the Christmas Program went well and we had a large turnout. FIA and youth group have been going well, and the youth have performed a lot of service projects in December. Please see her report.

Interim’s Report: Pastor has been laying out what he’s leaving for whoever becomes our next Pastor. Pastor feels that our church is a place that the new Pastor will be lucky to come to. Please see his report. We discussed that we will need to purchase a computer for the next Pastor. Kevin will delete Pastor Steve from the email list.

Meeting adjourned at 12:25.

These notes respectfully submitted by Nancy Stephenson.





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