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church Council members

Church Council 2023

Chairman: Rick Dunkley

Vice Chair: Kevin Stephenson

Secretary: Nancy Stephenson

Treasurer: Rick Bicking

Financial Secretary: Kathy Thompson

Members: Kevin Stephenson, Amy Tvedt, Robin Hendrix, Elaine Garaghty, Rick Dunkley, Tom Wachsmuth, Nancy Stephenson, Dwaine Palmer and Paul Shober.



church board members

2023 Board Members

YOUTH, FAMILY AND EDUCATION: Staci Klein, Amy Johnson, Kenna Johnson, Tim Johnson, Cori Olsen, Delayna Groen, Lisa Blowers, and Jackie Warman.

EVANGELISM/STEWARDSHIP: Need 1 more member-Donna Wachsmuth, Deb Volk, Mary Jabe, Carole Lathi, and Lois Kunze.

PROPERTY: Bryan Gorsenger,  Kathryn Souer, Tom Wachsmuth, Paul Shober, Christopher Steinnke, Jamie Johnson, and Owen Johnson (youth member).

WORSHIP AND MUSIC: Pat Anderson, Diane Ausmus, Joanne Richards, and Deanna Gorsegner. AUDITING COMMITTEE: Dennis Volden, Deb Vork, and Lois Kunze.

ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE: Dennis Volden, Kon Bergum and Gary Hoxmeier.

MEMEORIAL COMMITTEE: Sharol Huggett, Ellie Nelson, and Colleen Volden.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Need 2 more members- Donna Martin





 church council minutes

Council Minutes August 20, 2023

Those present: Rick Bicking, Rick Dunkley, Nancy Stephenson, Kevin Stephenson, Pastor Steve, Robin Hendrix, Amy Tvedt, Elaine Garaghty, Tom Wachsmuth, Mindy Johnson, Dwaine Palmer and Scott Jensen.

Call to Order: 10:40 AM. We were led in devotions by Kevin.

Secretary Minutes: motion to accept the minutes made by Tom, second by Elaine, motion carried. Treasurer’s Report: We are now $21,098.60 in the red. Rick B. will send us the Ledger to Budget to examine. Motion to accept report made by Tom, second by Dwaine, motion carried.

Financial Secretary’s Report: Motion to accept the report made by Elaine, second by Amy, motion carried.

Board Reports: Motion to accept made by Nancy, second by Elaine, motion carried.


Update on creation of an Audio/Visual Team: Kevin and Pastor Steve have met concerning this. The biggest problem has been finding people who are able to do this and can be depended upon to show up. It is too much pressure to put upon a youth. Kevin is thinking that he could try and simplify the camera use to only zoom and pan-out to make this easier. We need to put in the newsletter that we are looking for individuals to form a team, and then set up a meeting. Send Kevin names of individuals who may be interested and he will set up a meeting.

Handicap Door Update: It has been estimated to cost approximately $10,000. We will get a second estimate, and also look into donations or available grants for this kind of project.

Stewardship Update: Stewardship has thought about doing Temple Talks, getting different people up there. We could make recordings of people who could represent a certain group in the church and what that group is accomplishing. In November we could ask members how they are called to invest in this church. A financial commitment is not about the budget, but about how each person is excited about what is going on in our church and wants to invest in these things.

Day Camp at St. Croix State Park/God’s Work our Hands: this will be held on Sunday September 10th . There will be burgers and brats on the grill, and people can bring sides to share. We will bring church service projects to work on, or people can work on projects for the park. Admission will be free that day. People can also canoe, kayak, and enjoy the beach at Norway point.

Lawn care: it now costs $75 per mow. We will not have Justin do cleanup, etc. to save some money. Think about possibly hiring a youth to mow.


Scott Jensen-donated land: Scott addressed the council today. He had promised to buy back the land he donated to the church for $5000 if it did not sell in 5 years. Scott has offered to shorten that time if council would like the money sooner in order to help with the budget deficit. We need to make sure Tom Lymburner isn’t in the process of selling it or under contract. If all is clear, a motion was made by Tom W. to sell the land back to Scott for $5000, second by Robin, motion carried.

Request by NE MN Synod to host LGBTQ welcome training: this would involve congregational training on how to be welcoming and inclusive. Motion to host LGBTQ training made by Robin, second by Kevin, motion carried.

Ministry Site Profile: The Transition Team has met and will finalize the report this Wednesday. Kevin will upload the report to the Synod’s website so that they can see it, once the Call Committee has been elected. The Council discussed and has defined the compensation package, both financial and otherwise, for an incoming pastor.

Congregational Meeting: on September 17th there will be a congregational meeting to nominate and elect 6 members for the Call Committee. The congregation can submit nominations to anyone on the Council. The deadline is Sept. 10th for the names to be on the ballot.

Parish Nurse Report: Robin gave a verbal report.

Director of Youth and Family Ministries Report: please see her report.

Interim’s Report: please see Pastor Steve’s report. Pastor noted that we are on schedule with our Ministry Site Profile, and if all goes well we could possibly be interviewing pastoral candidates as early as mid-October.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55 with The Lord’s Prayer.

These notes respectfully submitted by Nancy Stephenson.





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