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Church Council 2023

Chairman: Rick Dunkley

Vice Chair: Kevin Stephenson

Secretary: Nancy Stephenson

Treasurer: Rick Bicking

Financial Secretary: Kathy Thompson

Members: Kevin Stephenson, Amy Tvedt, Robin Hendrix, Elaine Garaghty, Rick Dunkley, Tom Wachsmuth, Nancy Stephenson, Dwaine Palmer and Paul Shober.

2023 Board Members

YOUTH, FAMILY AND EDUCATION: Staci Klein, Amy Johnson, Kenna Johnson, Tim Johnson, Cori Olsen, Delayna Groen, Lisa Blowers, and Jackie Warman.

EVANGELISM/STEWARDSHIP: Need 1 more member-Donna Wachsmuth, Deb Volk, Mary Jabe, Carole Lathi, and Lois Kunze.

PROPERTY: Need 1 more member- Kathryn Souer, Tom Wachsmuth, Paul Shober, Christopher Steinnke, Jamie Johnson, and Owen Johnson (youth member).

WORSHIP AND MUSIC: Pat Anderson, Diane Ausmus, Joanne Richards, and Deanna Gorsegner. AUDITING COMMITTEE: Dennis Volden, Deb Vork, and Lois Kunze.

ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE: Dennis Volden, Kon Bergum and Gary Hoxmeier.

MEMEORIAL COMMITTEE: Sharol Huggett, Ellie Nelson, and Colleen Volden.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Need 2 more members- Donna Martin




Council Minutes for February 19, 2023

Those present: Rick Dunkley, Rick Bicking, Nancy Stephenson, Kevin Stephenson, Elaine Garaghty, Tom Wachsmuth, Paul Shober, Robin Hendrix, Dwaine Palmer, Mindy Johnson.

Call to Order 10:45 AM.

We were led in devotion by Elaine Garaghty.

Secretary Minutes: motion to accept the minutes for November made by Dwaine, second by Elaine, motion carried.

Motion to accept the annual meeting minutes made by Elaine, second by Dwaine, motion carried. Treasurer’s Report: Rick stated that we need to vote on accepting the new federal mileage reimbursement amount of 62.5 cents.

Motion to accept made by Kevin, second by Robin, motion carried.

Motion made to bring Pastor’s discretionary fund from negative $97.27 back to zero, by Robin, second by Kevin, motion carried.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report made by Tom, second by Elaine, motion carried.

Financial Secretary’s Report: Kathy noted that our church website host is changing their billing system. Motion made to pay on a monthly basis until we decide if we want a different host, and to approve her report, made by Kevin, second by Elaine, motion carried.

Board Reports: motion to accept made by Nancy, second by Paul, motion carried.


Update on the Call Process: Feb. 9th Rick D., Mindy, Kevin and Nancy attended a zoom meeting with Pastor Jeff Walager as to his interest in becoming our interim pastor. He will get back to us shortly with his decision.

Audit: Lois Kunze needs to be contacted to do our 2022 audit.

Mary Mortenson cleaned up the youth account for us including the fundraising account balances for those youth that are going on the mission trip. 2023 Eco Faith Partner:

Robin will put info in the newsletter. She is thinking about making a pollinator garden in the back yard with the FIA kids in the spring.

The church received a Trex bench for our efforts in recycling plastic bags. We will continue this in order to earn a second bench.

Cancellation Policy: motion made to continue following what the school does in deciding if weather necessitates cancelling activities on a given day. For Wednesday night services, if the main persons running the service cannot get to the church there will be no service. This motion made by Tom, second by Dwaine, motion carried.

Wednesday and Sunday preaching schedule: Feb.22nd, Pastor Kate Mensing, Feb. 25th, Elaine G., March 1, 5, 8: Rick D. for now.

We will again hold a Wed. noon Lenten Soup and Service on March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29th .

NEW BUSINESS Stipend for Elaine Garaghty: When Elaine preaches, she has to pay someone $75 to stay with her husband because of his health needs. Motion made to pay Elaine $75, from the pulpit supply fund, on the Sundays that she preaches, made by Robin, second by Nancy, motion carried.

Elect Officers: at this time officer positions will remain the same: President Rick Dunckley, Vice President Kevin Stephenson, and Secretary Nancy Stephenson. Appoint Board Liaisons: Personnel: Rick Dunkley, Property: Tom Wachsmuth, Stewardship and Evangelism: Elaine Garaghty, Memorial: Kevin Stephenson, Youth and Family: Dwaine Palmer, Worship and Music: Nancy Stephenson, Mighty Fortress Board: interim pastor.

Custodian Position: Brittany Brooks was interviewed last Wed. Her pay rate will be $12.20 per hour. She will clean on Thursdays during the day and allowed 5-6 hours per week. This will be for a 6 week trial period. Motion to accept made by Kevin, second by Tom, motion carried.

All Boards and Council meeting times: this will continue to be held on the fourth Monday at 6:30. Council will continue to meet on the third Sunday after service.

Creation of an Audio/Visual Team: we need trained individuals for those Sundays when Kevin cannot be here. We discussed possible people to be on this team: Lisa and Ben Blowers, Owen and Brian Blowers, and Tim Johnson. Rick D. also volunteered.

When to hold Confirmation Service: we discussed having it on Reformation Sunday in the fall. We will speak to the confirmands and their families, and see what the new interim pastor thinks when he arrives.

Second Grade Bibles: Dwaine made a recommendation that the Bibles that we present to the second graders be more age appropriate. The ones we have been giving them are too advanced. Spring Plans: Mother-daughter banquet is still in the planning stage and will be held on May 7th. The High School Seniors will receive their quilts May 21st .

Parish Nurse Report: Robin has made a “throw-up kit” and it will be stored in the janitor’s closet. Robin gave transportation to church 3 times, to “Out to Lunch” once, to the food shelf once. She did 12 blood pressure checks before service and made 4 wellness-check phone calls.

Director of Youth and Family Ministries Report: the Valentine’s dinner went well. The numbers were down but there were a few large donations to the youth. In order to make the church more welcoming for families with small children, Mindy set up a play corner in the back of the church. Also see her report.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 with The Lord’s Prayer.

These notes respectfully submitted by Nancy Stephenson.



Treasurer’s Report

Financial Report for January 2023

                               Budget                     YTD actual                        Last Year

YTD Income           $19,452                    $17,465                            $7,237

YTD Expenses       $17,133                    $9,711                              $17,720

(Do Not Have February's Report)



Annual Meeting of First Evangelical Church, January 29, 2023

Call to order at 10:45 AM, with 45 voting members in attendance.

Motion to accept the agenda made by Joe Cappuccino, second by Scott Jensen, motion carried. Council President Rick Dunkley went over some of what the church has accomplished in 2022. According to the Deacon, we need to keep the same level of compensation in our budget for an interim pastor as that which was paid to Pastor Brenda. We decided to budget about ¾ of her compensation since we will not have an interim pastor immediately (most likely at the end of March).

Don Peterson pointed out that giving pledges should cover church expenses, but that many people are not giving to the general fund.

Coleen Volden feels that Max Tatting would have been in agreement with our using some of her funds for balancing the budget and starting with a clean slate when the interim pastor arrives. Motion made to give the council permission to decide how to balance our bills from 2022 made by Bryan Gorsegner, second by Ashley Thompson, motion carried.

Motion to accept the Proposed Budget for 2023 made by Dennis Volden, second by Ron Peterson, motion carried.

Motion to accept the Balance Sheet made by Donna Martin, second by Kevin Stephenson, motion carried.

Motion to accept the Expenditures made by Carole Lahti, second by Elaine Garaghty, motion carried.

Motion to accept the Ledger to Budget made by Tom Wachsmuth, second by Bryan Gorsegner, motion carried.

Donna Martin stated that we have 274 active church members.

Motion to adjourn at 12:15 PM made by Joe Cappuccino, second by Rick Dunkley, motion carried. These notes respectfully submitted by Nancy Stephenson

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