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 Per some conversations, discernment, prayer, and inputs we are opening In-gathering worship at the 9:30 am services. I will continue to measure any outbreaks or concerns as I have been and will continue to err on the side of caution for everyone that is concerned. After talking with the worship team about their concerns, agreements and issues, we will only allow 25% in the sanctuary, which would be about 35 people, along with people in the Narthex and if needed in the fellowship hall. We will continue on line, Facebook, YouTube, radio transmitted and in print. We will follow the same safety rules as before, social distancing, masking, checking for fever etc., and all the rules that we have had in place before. Looking forward to seeing you!

Pastor Brenda


MARCH Information... (from Pastor Brenda)

Behold, I am about to do a new thing. Isaiah 43:19 Greetings to Members and Friends of First Evangelical Lutheran Church, As I write this report for 2020, I do so with thanksgiving and praise, along with change and disbelief. At the beginning of the year, life was going on at the church per- normal much like the years before. Yet, March marked the building closed off and life on Facebook filming, YouTube, radio transmitting, written bulletins and weekly “newsletters” to continue to connect us in many ways. Applying for a “Zoom” account and have used it for Confirmation, Church Council meetings and Kettle River conference meetings. Life in the church certainly changed. In-gathering worship resumed in July, with us only having to shut down again with high Covid numbers and restrictions. We live in hope of relief as the pandemic gets under control and we are back to more normal activities, but rejoice in the change that has happened as we spread the Good News of Jesus Christ online as we reach many people as we worship differently. This will not change as we continue in this new age of technology. Worship, baptisms, weddings and funerals have still happened with care and creativity. Our graduates received their quilts and blessings at the front lawn of the church and our confirmation class confirmed at West Side Park. Due to safety reasons and limitations at the church, the Church Council has made the decision to hold-off on our Annual meeting until we are at 100% capacity. The Church Council will continue provisional until we can vote new members. The budget committee respectfully brought a trimmed and thoughtful budget as our giving has been down due to the pandemic. We were under budget $13,104. We spent $6,631 more than our income and that includes the PPP loan we received for $22,200. The Church Council approved in April a PPP loan to assist in staff wages last year, 2020, which helped our shortfall significantly, and approved at applying for one for 2021. The church Council approved the budget and we will continue until we can meet together. That is available and printed for you in this months newsletter. If you have any questions or concerns, Chairman Rick Dunkley, Church Council or I would be happy to visit with you and answer questions that you may encounter. I thank the staff, Chairman Rick Dunkley and the Church Council, The Safety Team, the Worship leaders and Kevin Stephenson for filming, and for each one of you for your understanding, prayers and support of the Ministry of First Evangelical Lutheran Church. Over the years, many people have said that the church must change, do something different with many ideas and thoughts. This year it has happened due to the course of many things. God’s work and promise continues because of or in spite of what has happened. God indeed is always doing a “new thing.”

God’s Peace to Your All,

Servant in Christ, Pastor Brenda Wicklund

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Thank you to everyone who has donated items, to the Blessing Box.  Please continue to do so, as this is an ongoing project.

We have been using quite a few items and are always looking for any donations. 

Your generosity makes a difference, in the lives of those in need.

The Stewardship Board


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